Telearts therapy

Following the COVID emergency, Rosa moved some of her practice online.  Here is some information about working online in arts therapy (telearts therapy).

Talking about telearts therapy with Rosa

Talking about telearts therapy with Rosa

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Arts therapy provides an opportunity to explore personal difficulties in a confidential and supportive environment.  Telearts therapy is when we do this online. Research into the role of interpersonal therapeutic work indicates that the most important element of our work together is our relationship and is, therefore, a key element of the success of our work, in this, or any other context.

What are the potential benefits of Telearts therapy?

What are the potential risks of Telearts therapy?

  • Therapy may be negatively impacted by technical problems, such as delays and drop-outs due to technology failures

  • Not offer the same visual and sound quality for relating and creative art-making

  • Not feel the same as an onsite session

  • May not be suitable for clients with sensory processing issues, active suicidal ideation, active self-harm, an active drug, or alcohol abuse. It may also not be helpful for those suffering from serious psychiatric conditions, such as auditory or visual hallucinations. In some of these clinical situations, in-person treatment may be the most appropriate treatment choice and is recommended. Sometimes it might simply come down to a lack of comfort using technology. All are valid reasons for not engaging in Teletherapy.

  • Increased exposure to privacy and digital security risks.