Rosa Heney Arts Therapist

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Rosa Heney Arts Therapist

All rights reserved © 2019 Rosa Heney Creative Ltd

Rosa Heney Arts Therapist

All rights reserved © 2019 Rosa Heney Creative Ltd

About Rosa

I am a registered Clinical Arts Therapist working on the West Coast of the South Island.  I work with both individuals and groups. You are welcome to check out my professional status here.  

Rosa's background and recommendations: 

As a clinically trained professional therapist with over twenty years of experience working alongside families and young people, in many professional capacities, my fledgeling therapy practice offer's confidential support to people living on the West Coast. 


Time in arts therapy is time well spent.  Here's what some of my clients have said:

Art therapy with Rosa helped my child gain control of anxiety.  Enabling the use of successful thinking and effective strategies my child can cope with most life situations. 

Rosa worked with great humility, compassion, and understanding, establishing a trusting and effective relationship with my brother

My daughter would come every day to arts therapy if she could! 

Arts therapy and Rosa's approach:


  • You don't have to be an artist to explore a problem creatively. When you're in an arts therapy session the process of creating is often more meaningful as the finished product. By choosing to simply engage in the process you are extending your therapeutic options.

  • As an arts therapist, I will be your ally and guide. Your safety is my primary concern. Initial sessions are focused on building our therapeutic relationship in which we both establish a working relationship based on trust and arts therapeutic goals.

  • Arts therapy doesn't always have to be about serious harm and ill health, it can simply be a way to creatively explore ways of improving our current capacities for coping with all sorts of difficulties.

  • Arts therapy is an active process which doesn't rely on our ability to put our experiences into words.  Often our senses and imagination have wisdom that can help us make sense of ourselves and our experiences.


I warmly invite you to contact me to see if it's a good fit. Your capacity to reach out will be met with my care, confidentiality, and respect. 

It may be helpful to know that you may be eligible for assistance through various sources including but not limited to the Disability Allowance.

Rosa's contact:


Phone: 021 0221 7681

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